LiONCore 33Ah 12.8v Li-ion Battery

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LiONCore 33Ah 12.8v Li-ion Battery (#551114)

The LiONCore 33Ah 12.8v (nominal) deep cycle battery is built with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry and an onboard battery management system (BMS). In addition to being up to 50% lighter than traditional SLA batteries, LiONCore lithium-ion batteries provide 5-10 times more cycle lives, charge much faster, and require no maintenance. The 33Ah 12.8v LiONCore LiFePO4 offers maximum energy providing the power you need for smaller applications. LiONCore is a great SLA option for RV electronics, security and UPS back up, micro solar/power storage, marine electronics, and more!

– Nominal Capacity = 33Ah                  – Dimensions =  7.7×5.2×6.2″

– Nominal Voltage = 12.8v                   – Weight =  10.3lbs

– Discharge Energy = 422.4Wh            – Terminal Type = M6

– Max. Charge Current = 33A               – On Board Battery Management System

 12 Year Manufacturer Warranty     

–  Deep Cycle Power Storage Applications Only – NOT INTENDED AS A CC STARTER BATTERY

SUITABLE FOR: SLA Deep Cycle Replacement for Micro Solar Power Storage, Portable Power, Marine Electronics, Fish Finders, Electric Vehicle Applications, E-Bikes, and Scooters, Medical Devices, Power Tools, Back-Up Power, Security Devices, Golf Carts, Camping, etc.


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