The ProDucer "Transducer Pole System" Basic w/Conquer Mount

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The ProDducer "Transducer Pole System" Basic w/Conquer Mount:
  • Clamp allows for clamping of the fiberglass sleeve
  • Durable steel construction, mounting flange has 4 holes (mounting hardware not included)
  • Easily attached to virtually any boat, arm extends 10" and is 12" tall 
  • Sturdy and Compact
  • This mount enhances The ProDucer Transducer Pole System very well and allows you another mounting option over the ram mount system 
With The ProDucer being a fan favorite of Live Sonar users, we continue to look for ways that will enhance it and make it even better for "YOU" the end-user. Some time back we added the Helmsmate Tiller Steer Handle w/U-joint. This item complimented The ProDucer very well. Over the years we have had many requests to find a way that will allow the customer to mount The ProDucer to the deck of their boat w/out drilling into the fiberglass or aluminum gunnel utilizing the traditional Ram Mount base as they love the simplicity and user-friendliness of the Poleducer system but not willing to mount directly to the gunnel.
We finally found an option that we know will stand the test of time and something we will back up as we do with all of the products and services we provide here at shut-up-and-fish. This thing is solid... We are adding this mount to The ProDucer lineup as an option to mount The ProDucer system to your boat and enjoy the simple, user-friendly way to pan the optix with your Live Sonar transducer system. Yes, one can purchase just the mount and add it to their current ProDucer system. It's that simple. We find that this new mounting option will give you another option to utilize The ProDucer system which by the way has the best cable management system on the market to allow the simplicity of raising it up to travel to your next stop and lowering it to fish all day long.
The shaft and sleeve are made up of marine-grade fiberglass that will provide longevity for your Live Sonar enjoyment for years.
Works with all three Live Forward Facing Sonar systems.
The difference between The ProDucer Basic and The ProDucer Deluxe will be the handle.
Get ya one...

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