The ProDucer Minn Kota Ultrex 45" SHAFT Trolling Motor Transducer Pole System (NOT f/QUEST)

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NOTE: The ProDucer trolling motor system is trolling motor shaft specific so be certain you are placing the correct shaft length ProDucer system in the cart before checking out. Minn Kota Ultrex will offer a 60", 52", and a 45" shaft system. This is not for the Ultrex Quest. Ultrex is Ultrex and Ultrex Quest is Ultrex Quest. They are not the same.

(example) if your trolling motor has a 52" shaft, you will select the 52" shaft ProDucer trolling motor system. PDMK52"

The ProDucer transducer pole system was the very 1st pole system to hit the market place and it continues to be a very strong continder to date. We are always looking for ways to make it better. Our customers have always said that they like the system but wanted an option available to be mounted to the trolling motor. You asked, We listened...

We developed the 60" shaft out of fiberglass utilizing a marine-grade resin for strength and longevity. Lifetime warranty on the shaft. The inside diameter allows for the transducer cable to be run inside the shaft eliminating the need to have the transducer cable "tapped or zipped tied" outside the shaft. This was part of the simple, clean appearance we were looking for. The Producer Transducer Pole System allows the angler total control of the transducer to be pointed at the intended target and not have their images skewed by the trolling motor turning left/right etc...when on "spot lock" anchor mode. 

We created a mount that accepts the ProDucer transducer pole and attaches to the Minn Kota and Garmin Force trolling motors. The ProDucer can be mounted on port or starboard side of the mount and has three pivot positions to allow the transducer clear your electronics and to put on your boat cover. 

When you deploy your trolling motor the ProDucer transducer pole deploys right along with it and when you stow the trolling motor the ProDucer comes right back as well. The ProDucer Trolling Motor Pole System has our deluxe handle so with a simple twist of the handle the ProDucer shaft and transducer will rotate and point to your entended target. 

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